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May 15, 2012


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Memorable Role Plays #1

Memorable Role Plays #2

Memorable Role Plays #3

Memorable Role Plays #4

Memorable Role Plays #5

Here are some of our more recent Role-Plays.  :D

Before you read, here's a simple trick if you want to read the long Role Play comment threads:

:bulletred:  To read the longer Role-Plays that get smaller and hard to read as you scroll down, all you have to do is click the TIME/DATE of the comment to reset the page with that comment on top, and you will be able to read further with ease. Use this trick to enjoy the longer Role-Plays.

Enjoy! ~:heart:


:iconwdisneyrp-mickey: Mickey and Minnie's Wedding :iconwdisneyrp-minnie:

Detective Horace and Friends: The Epic Search For Mickey

Clarabelle and Oswald: Oswald and Mickey Plan to Prank Pete; Clarabelle and Oswald Encounter With Pete

Oswald and Mickey: The Plan; Pete Kidnaps Mickey

Clarabelle Cow: Her Word!

Oswald and Mickey: Rescued

Mickey Mouse:The Wedding



The Movies: Titanic

:iconwdisneyrp-oswald: Oswald and Ortensia :iconwdisneyrp-ortensia:

Oswald and Ortensia: Oswald Asks Ortensia if She Wants to Go to the Movies

Oswald: Movie Date Overview

Oswald and Ortensia: The Movie Date


:iconwdisneyrp-horace: Horace and Clarabelle :iconwdisneyrp-clarabelle:

Horace and Clarabelle: Pre-Movies

Horace and Clarabelle: The Moovie Date

Horace and Clarabelle: A Few Weeks Later... The Aftermath...



The Robbery/Kidnapping Mystery

The Victims

Kida: From Good to Bad; The Heart of Atlantis Robbed

Alice: Dinah is Kidnapped

Clarabelle Cow: Stolen Wedding Ring and Kidnapped Babies

Betsy: Stolen Glasses

Peter Pan: Missing Pan Pipes and Wendy's Kidnapping

Gremlin Gus: Missing Widgets

King Arthur: The Robbed Excalibur; The Pride of England

Madam Mim: Missing Cards and Maivala Kidnapped

Minnie Mouse: Katie Kidnapped

Clock Tower: Robbed Soul

Horace Horsecollar: Betsy Kidnapped and Ransom Note

Peppermint/Bunny #19: Missing Carrots

Milo: Kida Kidnapped

Betsy: Ransom Phone Calls

Ransom Phone Call #1

Ransom Phone Call # 2

Ransom Fundraising

Kida's Fundraisers

Alice's Tea Fundraiser

The Mystery Suspect Exposed

The Mad Doctor; Horace Horsecollar Possessed

Clarabelle, Horace and The Mad Doctor: The Final Battle

Oswald, Horace and The Mad Doctor: The Mad Doctor Surrenders

And everyone, and everything all returned to their rightful owners...



An Uncanny Baby Story

Mickey and Clarabelle: Professor Ludwig Von Drake's Tick Tock Time Machine; Mickey Transforms into a Baby

Horace and Clarabelle: Raising Baby Mickey

Horace and Sir Merlin: Horace Informs Merlin

Horace and Clarabelle: Raising Baby Mickey II

Sir Merlin and Clarabelle: Merlin Casts a Spell and Accidentally Turns Clarabelle into a Baby

Betsy and Baby Clarabelle: Betsy Raises Baby Clarabelle

Horace and Baby Clarabelle: Horace Raises Baby Clarabelle

Horace and Baby Clarabelle: Horace Raises Baby Clarabelle II

Baby Mickey Mouse: Journal

Clarabelle and Baby Mickey Mouse: Clarabelle Raises Baby Mickey


Oswald and Baby Clarabelle: Mean Babysitter

Oswald and Baby Clarabelle: Mean Babysitter II

Betsy and Baby Clarabelle: Tattletale! Baby Clarabelle Tells Betsy Oswald Called Her a Crybaby

Oswald and Betsy: Tattletale! II

Baby Mickey and Baby Clarabelle: Play Date

Oswald and Baby Mickey: Visit to the Disney's Apartment

Oswald and Mickey: Visit to the Disney's Apartment II

Betsy and Baby Clarabelle: Betsy Plans to Perform an Aura to Reverse Aunt Clarabelle's Spell

Baby Horace and Baby Clarabelle: Horace Purposely Turns Himself into a Baby

Clarabelle Cow: The Scoop

Betsy and Baby Clarabelle: Uncle Horace is a Baby, too...

Betsy and Baby Clarabelle: Betsy Performs an Aura and Reveres the Spell on Her Aunt Clarabelle

Clarabelle and Baby Horace: Clarabelle Raises Baby Horace



:iconwdisneyrp-horace: Horace Horsecollar's 83rd Birthday :iconwdisneyrp-horace:

Clarabelle Cow: The Conclusion of the Previous Event and Upcoming Birthdays

Clarabelle Cow: Tomorrow...<3

Horace and Clarabelle: Pre-Birthday

Clarabelle Cow: Horace Horsecollar Birthday Palooza

Horace, Clarabelle and Family: Horace Horsecollar's Surprise Party

Oswald and Clarabelle: Birthday Party



Mother's Day

:iconwdisneyrp-ortensia: Ortensia Cat, Minnie Mouse and Lillian Disney :iconwdisneyrp-bunny19:

Oswald:  Wishing Wife and Mother a Happy Mother's Day

Mickey Mouse: First Mother's Day


:iconwdisneyrp-mim: Madam Mim's Family :iconwdisneyrp-arthur:

Sir Merlin: Mother's Day

King Arthur: Mother's Day; Minivaya is Pregnant

Madam Mim: Goodbye Minivaya


:iconwdisneyrp-clarabelle: Clarabelle Cow's Family :iconwdisneyrp-max:

Max Goof: Babysitting Clarabelle's Kids

Clarabelle Cow: Plans For Mother's Day

Clarabelle and Max: Clarabelle Asks Max if She Can Legally Mother Him

Clarabelle and Max: Mother and Son

Horace and Clarabelle: Beautiful Blessings; New Children

Horace and Clarabelle: Happy Mother's Day

Clarabelle and Betsy: Mother's Day

Clarabelle Cow: Journal; The Shocking Announcement




The Fountain of Youth

Oswald and Madam Mim: Conversation That Led to It...

Madam Mim: Off to the Fountain of Youth

King Arthur: Off to the Fountain of Youth, Too...

Madam Mim and King Arthur: The Trip

Oswald's First Magic Lesson

Oswald and Mickey: Teasing...

Oswald and Mickey: Teasing II

Oswald: Learning Magic

Oswald and Clarabelle: SQUEAK!...

Oswald and Mickey: Magic Lessons with Yen Sid


Clock Tower: HELP ME!

Clock Tower: Meet NIGHTMARE

Clock Tower: NIGHTMARE Has Risen

Clock Tower: Clock Tower Returns...

Once Upon a Time in NYC...

Oliver: I'm Hungry

Oliver: Dog Chase

Oliver:Spirited Feline Parents

Oswald and Ortensia: Prank Call to Mortimer Mouse

Horace and Clarabelle: SKYPE Chat

Peter Pan: Wendy Turns into a Mermaid

Sir Merlin and Madam Mim: Love Scandal

Milo and Kida: Engagement

Minnie Mouse: Picnic

Clarabelle and Betsy: Maurice Sendak's Death

Max Goof: Birthday Bash

Shadow Blot: The Returning...

Gremlin Gus: Recap From One of our Chats...


NOTE: If there's anything missing, or misplaced, please leave a comment below.  

Thanks for reading! :D

~:heart: Angela  :iconraquel-porkbelly:/:iconwdisneyrp-clarabelle: (co-founder)
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NHarmonik Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Any chance of any members doing fan art for these Role-Plays? Particularly the baby ones?
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
I would LOVE to see some fanart of our RPs, particularly our Oswald/Mickey ones! We tried to have an event like that before actually, but it was kind of a flop, sadly... :(
Ravyn-Karasu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Is the gallery option open should someone care to take on any of these undertakings?
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Of course! That would be awesome! :aww:
Ravyn-Karasu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Nifty kool. No promises of course, but I've been trying to work on a variety of art so I'm not stuck with only one subject. Did my first Jack this week...and I did Stitch and Gopher some time ago. Would be nice to try some other Classic Disney...and seeing scenes would be interesting. But if ya haven't guessed by now, I'd likely ask a ton of questions about descriptions for OC-type characters [being babies, random citizens, so forth]
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
I've always wanted to see some of our old favorite Mickey/Oswald RP scenes illustrated. (I play Oswald) But of course you don't have to by any means, just throwing that out there. ^^;
Ravyn-Karasu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Well, no promises, but if you could link me to some of the older ones you'd like done, maybe I could work on something
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Okay. Well, there was this one, the part where he cradles him: [link] and this one with the pink face make-up prank :giggle: [link] and this one where Mickey turned Oswald into a mouse with a spell he learned from Yen Sid :giggle: [link]
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NHarmonik Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I do wish you would catalogue these better; I can't find the ones where Pete kidnapped Mickey on his birthday and the kidnapping that occured weeks before that!
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
The first of these features was around January/February. The RPs you are talking about took place way before that back in November or so, that's why they aren't here. Also, it's very time-consuming to put these features together. But I could probably find you those RPs that you're talking about.
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