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August 16, 2012


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Thu Aug 16, 2012, 10:14 PM by Aqua-Melody101:iconaqua-melody101:
Top Bird

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1. I want to join. What should I do?
2. Can I play more than one character?
3. Can I be someone from "Insert show/movie here"? What about sequel characters?
4. Can we gender bend characters?
5. A non-member is bothering me and interfering in RP's, what should I do?
6. Why can't non-members RP with us?
7. What's IC and OOC? What's the difference?
8. Am I doing okay as my character?
9. Why don't you let people join?
10. Is this person a member of the group?
11. Can I change characters?
12. I am new to Role Playing. What should I do?
13. What do all the symbols mean?
14. I wish to leave my RP account. What do I do?
15. My question isn't here. What should I do?

:bulletblue: 1.) I want to join. What should I do?
If you are interested in becoming a member, we ask that you read our HOW TO JOIN section as well as our RULES and FAQ. Our How To Join section includes the list of steps necessary to become a member of our RP group.

:bulletblue: 2.) Can I play more than one character?
We allow you to RP up to 3 characters. However, you must be a member for at least a month before applying for a second character, just to make sure that you can handle it. Once you have had your second character for a month (without switching), then you may apply for a third. The only restriction is that the additional characters you apply for can't be ones that interact a lot with your other characters. For example, you can't play both Flynn and Rapunzel. The reason being that RPing with yourself gets boring fast, and there is no exchange of ideas when RPing between those characters. There may be exceptions for more minor characters, so feel free to ask us if you're unsure what's acceptable.

:bulletblue: 3.) Can I be someone from "Insert show/movie here"? What about sequel characters?
You can check this Accepted Disney Movies and Shows List for a better idea of what Disney characters we accept. We do not accept characters from Studio Ghibli, Jim Henson, Marvel, Star Wars, or Kingdom Hearts.

We do accept sequel characters. As for those sequels that age main characters or give them children (Lion King Series, Peter Pan 2, Little Mermaid 2, etc.) we would like to think of it like 'Meet The Robinsons'. The parent and child characters can be around the same age if they wish.

:bulletblue: 4.) Can we gender bend characters?
You are allowed to play characters of a different gender than yourself but we don't want our RP characters to be gender benders.

:bulletblue: 5.) A non-member is bothering me and interfering in RP's, what should I do?
You are free to give a short hello but if they continue to bother you, you do have the right to ignore or block them. If they are interfering in an RP, leave them the following comment:

((This conversation is part of a role play with :devDisneyRP-Old-and-New:. According to the <a href="">RULES</a> for the group, non-members can't interfere in our role plays. If you wish to role play with us, please visit the group page for details on how to join. Thank you for understanding.))

If they continue to bother or harass you, DO NOT confront them. Instead, send us a note with the link to the situation and we will take care of it for you. (see this journal for more details: )

:bulletblue: 6.) Why can't non-members RP with us?
The truth is we honestly don't mind it here and there, but the main thing is we don't want random people becoming a regular part of the group's RPing. We want the Disney characters to be the main ones solving each others' plots and problems, and having random people jump in and try to solve every problem that arises can get a bit frustrating for members, which has happened in the past. Non-members also may not know the rules of the group, such as no swearing/inappropriate content, no godmodding, no OCs, etc.

However, no outside Disney character accounts may RP with the group. I'm sorry, but that would get really confusing, especially if that character is already being RPed in the group.

Now, we know not every non-member is going to be like that, of course, which is why we aren't too strict about this rule. We don't mind it here and there, just as long as a non-member is being polite, not spamming, and not trying to force themselves into a RP. Non-members are welcome to ask characters questions, give encouragement or advice to characters, say hello, have a conversation, etc. as long as it doesn't break any group rules for inappropriate content/OCs/etc. However, it is up to the RPer if they wish to respond.

:bulletblue: 7.) What's IC and OOC? What's the difference?
'IC' means "In-Character." In-Character posts are written as your character, NOT your personal thoughts. Being IC requires you to act and talk the way your character would in that situation.
'OOC' means "Out-Of-Character." There are two different ways to be OOC, when the character is not acting like their true selves (see IC above) or when you need to discuss something out of character. If you need to quickly discuss something as yourself and not as your character, simply type it between double parenthesis (( )).

:bulletblue: 8.) Am I doing okay as my character?
Every so often, we will gather critiques for those that request it. If you are curious about how you are doing or how the critiques work, please see this journal for more information. RP Critiques- [results have been distributed]All RP Critique responses have been sent out now (April 27th)
Thank you to those that sent in critiques for the members!
RP Critiques:
If you would like to help out the members that requested critiques, please do the following:
- COPY LIST :bulletblue: in this link :bulletblue: (If you feel someone else needs a critique (be it for praise or advice) feel free to add them to your critique responses as well)
- FILL IT IN with your thoughts on their RPing

RP Critique Details
Every so often, we will gather RP critique results in regards to how well you have been role playing. These comments are meant to give you a general idea of your current RP skills and how "in character" you are. We will be changing things this time around in that we will ask who wants to know how th

:bulletblue: 9.) Why don't you let people join?
The 'members' list is only for the RP accounts. If we let people join on their main accounts, in addition to people who just interested in watching the group and not RPing themselves, there would also be 2 of every member with both their main account and RP account being there. Plus it makes it much easier to find the characters' accounts when searching through the members list.

:bulletblue: 10.) Is this person a member of the group?
A quick rule of thumb to tell if someone is a member:
:bulletred: their account begins with WDisneyRP-
:bulletred: they are listed in the members list on our group page
:bulletred: they are listed as a new member on our main page
:bulletred: the group is listed on their page in their widget that states the groups they are a part of

:bulletblue: 11.) Can I change characters?
Yes. If you are interested in switching to a new character, we ask that you send in a new application that can be found here in our  HOW TO JOIN section. If the change is approved, we will make your current account available for a new RPer and then make your new account.

:bulletblue: 12.) I am new to Role Playing. What should I do?
Please read our RULES to have a good understanding of how the group works. When you start to role play, try to stay in character at all times. That means you shouldn't act or say something your character wouldn't. Start interacting with characters your character would know and introduce yourself to others. If you are unsure about what your character might do in a situation, do some research on your character or ask the admin team for advice.
Also, try looking at some of the current members' RP accounts to get an idea of how to RP. Practice makes perfect, and make sure you can really hear your character saying and doing what you type. It's not too hard once you get the hang of it once you understand your characters personality and traits.

:bulletblue: 13.) What do all the symbols mean?
Different symbols help us understand what is going on during the role play. Some of the symbols we use are:
(( )) = indicates an OOC (out of character) comment. Example: ((what time do you want to start chatting tomorrow?))
* * = indicates an emote aka an action or event. Example: Nice to meet you *shakes Oswald's hand* or *sounds began to come from under the bed*
:iconthought-bubble-plz: =can indicate a thought your character is thinking. to make this, type :iconthought-bubble-plz:
<sub> Write Words here </sub> = shows that you are whispering or saying something softly. It looks like this: Insert words here

:bulletblue: 14.) I wish to leave my RP account. What do I do?
Don't delete your RP account! Simply send a group note from your main account (not your RP account) with the following information:

Your RP account:
Reason for leaving:

:bulletblue: 15.) My question isn't here. What should I do?
Send a note to the group or ask a member of the admin team. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you,
your DisneyRP-Old-and-New admin staff

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Disneyatle Oct 17, 2013  Student General Artist

I have a question. Sometimes in RP, is it ok if we talk to a pedestrian? Like if you were a king, could you talk with one of your subjects?

In RP you can talk to anyone you want! That's how you can interact with characters who are, say, in different time periods or under the sea. 
Hmm... I think they meant outside RPers? I dunno, but either way, I don't really mind. :shrug:
:? But...a king talking with his subjects wouldn't mean outside RPers, would it?
I don't know. The English is terrible, lol.
Hidden by Owner
Bluefoxartist Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question. Can I use a character that does not have an account already, such as...Alpha the Doberman from UP?
Yes. If there is no account, it means that no one has ever applied for that character before and is open. We will create an account for you.
Bluefoxartist Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, when will I know that it has been created?
We will reply to the note you sent to the group with the name of the account and the password associated with it (which you will choose while filling out the application).
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