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Welcome To DisneyRP


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Recent Journal Entries

Top Bird

It's been quite a while since the group attempted its first art collab with our then-current members.
At the time I wasn't an admin so I'm assuming that it was never finished due to other obligations the admins back then had.
We all know how busy life can be after all and not everyone might have had the time to edit the entire thing together.

Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to give this another go with our current members, and have this be regular thing every once in a while perhaps.

First of all, some of you might be wondering what a art collab is.

Collab, or collaboration, is pretty much a picture, or part of a project, that several people contribute to.
In this case it's art of the character you RP, which will be put together in a scene as one big group picture.

Seeing as the winter is slowly coming to it's end, I figured it would be nice to start with a Spring theme.

-Mogwai1988 - Co-admin.

-The collab is still open if anyone wants to participate! Also some of our members would love it if someone else would be up for drawing their character for the collab. The requested characters can be found at the bottom of the journal!

Guidelines and Info:

Theme: Springtime Picnic!

Goal: A big collab picture of all our RP characters together in a park!

:bulletblue: You have to draw the Disney character(s) that you RP as.
:bulletblue: If you RP more than one character, you are welcome to draw all the characters you RP as. But if you only want to do one or two of them, that's perfectly fine too.
:bulletblue: It has to be a drawing, either done traditionally or digitally. No literature, cosplay, sculptures, music, dolls, etc.
:bulletblue: No using copyrighted images, bases, doll makers, or clip art. You need to actually draw your character.
:bulletblue: The entire body of the character needs to be visible in your drawing, not just a headshot. Unless some object is preventing the entire body being seen for some reason. Like swimming in water or hiding behind a tree.
:bulletblue: Your drawing must be colored in, not just lineart.
:bulletblue: Lighting should come from the top right corner if you want to apply shading, or it can be just flat color.
:bulletblue: Drawings must follow the regular rules of the group for content.
:bulletblue: Please draw your character in their original form so that they are recognizable. You are welcome to draw them with your style, or with a different outfit, but please don't go too far from the Disney design.
:bulletblue: When you draw your character, DO NOT put a background. All the pictures will be put onto one big background, so please put a transparent background. If you don't know how, all you have to do is select the white with a magic wand tool,delete the white, and save the file as a .PNG file. If you can't get the background transparent, then just send it to us with a white background, and we will cut it out for you.

:star: Feel free to have characters interacting with other characters or objects! You could have them playing with a Frisbee, sitting in a tree, chasing another character, lying on a blanket, reading, fishing, picking flowers, etc. You can either work with another member to draw your characters interacting in sync, or if you play multiple characters, you can have them interacting in some way!
Note: You can draw the objects they are interacting with, such as if they are sitting on a rock or towel or something, but just no backgrounds.
:bulletblue: If you want, you can take inspiration from RPs you have done, but you are not required to.
:bulletblue: If you want to draw another member's character for them, you need their permission so that there aren't two of the same character in the collab.
:bulletblue: If you aren't able to draw your character(s), you can give another member permission to draw your character(s) for you. Just please let us know so that we can keep track of who is doing which characters.
-We will make a sign-up list of those who want their character done, but aren't able to, where others can sign up for those characters.

:bulletblue: Picture resolution should be of a decent quality. No blurry or badly angled pics, or works done on lined paper. They will stick out like a sore thumb in the finished collab.
:bulletblue: To send it to us, you can just post it as a regular deviation and then give us the link in either a comment or a note. Doesn't matter which. You can also submit the piece to the group, which will be put in the collab folder.

The background for this collab will be a park like setting.
Feel free to be creative in what you think your character would do in a park on a spring day.

Update: Seeing as most haven't finished their participation piece just yet, I decided to extend the deadline until May 1st. Any character not finished by then, will not be included in the final collab picture as I do wish to put this together before the Summer season starts. Thank you.

Deadline: March 29. May 1st

If you're interested, please let us know which of your RP characters you will be drawing! :heart:


:star-empty: = not sent in yet
:star: = sent in

:star-empty: - Arthur - Mogwai1988
:star-empty: - Basil - The-Very-Fabric
:star: - Baymax - BonniePride
:star: - Bunny 137 - Minnie-and-Ortensia
:star-empty: - Elsa - JosefAndrews557
:star-empty: - Esmeralda - Mogwai1988
:star-empty: - Francine Cottontail - Raquel-Porkbelly
:star: - Flynn - salemcattish
:star: - Georgette - guitarmasta12
:star-empty: - Eric - salemcattish
:star: - GoGo - BonniePride
:star: - Honey Lemon - BonniePride
:star: - Hiro - BonniePride
:star-empty: - Jack Skellington - ArtyEllenLOL
:star-empty: - Maleficent - ArtyEllenLOL
:star-empty: - Nassor - Frollopocalypse
:star-empty: - Ortensia - Mogwai1988
:star-empty: - Oliver - SegaDisneyUniverse)
:star-empty: - Panchito - Lydia-Burns
:star-empty: - Lady - SegaDisneyUniverse)
:star-empty: - Phil - ArtyEllenLOL
:star-empty: - Rani - Rebeccafairy
:star: - Rapunzel - salemcattish
:star-empty: - Silvermist - Rebeccafairy
:star-empty: - Spring Sprite - Mogwai1988
:star: - Sultan - salemcattish
:star-empty: - Sitka - Into-The--Darkness
:star-empty: - Tinkerbell - Rebeccafairy
:star: - Tadashi - BonniePride
:star: -Ursula -salemcattish
:star:-Wendy - VanessaSwann13
:star: - Yokai/prof Callaghan - BonniePride

Available Characters:

These people would like someone to draw their character for them. Let us know if you'd like to draw one of these. First come, first serve.

:star-empty: Alice - (Alice in Wonderland.)
:star-empty: Eilonwy -  (The Black Cauldron)
:star-empty: Genie - (Aladdin)
:star-empty: Clarabelle Cow.
:star-empty: Clara Cluck

Made by fantasy-alive | Modified by Lydia-Burns
More Journal Entries


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Samie-Seville Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Would it be alright if i replied as Pluto, I was having problems which is why i didn't get on my RP account. 
Mogwai1988 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No need to re-apply since you've already played the character.
Just send us the password you want to use via a note and I'll set the account back up for you.
MsMagicCait Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member
Man, I forgot how organized and friendly this group was! Long time no see! I'm on my new account, just moved from CaitIsADerp. I was the old Jose Carioca! Congrats to the new mod for him btw :) I just sent in application for one of the three caballeros, Donald! Super excited and nervous to see how it turns out. Hope to see you all real soon!
WDisneyRP-Frollo Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
[ Good evening,

Silvermist and I were pondering if it would be acceptable for our characters to fall in love for awhile? This would be because Sil was transformed into a human but now that she is back to be a fairy, we will return to their previous non romantic friendship.
If you would approve, we shall proceed.
Thank you so much for your attention.  ]
Aqua-Melody101 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
Sure thing!
WDisneyRP-Frollo Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
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